Beloved, be loved in this moment ❤️

Friends. I have a story for you. 
•Picking a name for my store was one of the hardest steps of all. But God revealed this name to 2 others at the same time & myself the day prior. It was such a neat experience and has such a DEEP meaning to me, one of which I will share in depth at a later point as it’s super personal & I’ll have to be vulnerable. 😅  (I mean...who enjoys that anyway??😳)

Something that the Lord has been teaching me through all of this has been that He sees us today & all of the days when we are in our desert place & he CARES so deeply about us & our stories. We all have one! He calls us Beloved, sweet friends. That is our name from Him!
Go look up Song of Solomon 2:10-11 & come right back. I promise it’s a good one!

For all those sleepless nights, countless worries...difficult relationships, financial burdens, or broken homes...struggling to be understood/heard/seen/valued/loved...
He is our best friend. Our go to. Never checking His phone or His calendar on when He can check back in...when it fits His schedule to see you, hear you, & comfort you. What a precious gift is that.
He sees the pain & He feels it with you. & He isn’t leaving.

So this evening when you lay your head to rest. I want to remember all that you are to Him, and what He calls us.
Beloved, be loved tonight. ❤️😴

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  • Christie

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes, please share your story when you are ready because being vulnerable about our journey helps heal and empower others to reach their destiny on the other side of their storm!

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