Learning to Speak Southern by Lindsey Rogers Cook

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A searing Southern story about confronting the difference between the family you're born into and the family you choose, from the acclaimed author of How to Bury Your Brother. 280-page paperback. Since her mother's tragic death right before college graduation, Lex has been running. The only thing she hasn't done: reach out to anyone from back in Memphis. But just as she's most desperate, her godmother, Cami, sends cash, with the condition that Lex return home. There's a catch: for each day Lex stays, she'll get pages from her mother's journal. And not just any pages; the ones from the year before Lex's birth, a time completely unknown to Lex. Lex is quickly drawn into the past version of her mother. As days add up, Lex must confront more of her own past and the people she left behind. The similarities between Lex and her mother send her into a tailspin. Once all is laid bare, Lex must decide for herself: What is the true meaning of family?